We have often received questions on the benefits of Urban Foresty

We have often received questions on the benefits of Urban Foresty and what all it has to offer ourselves and the community, so we decided to provide a list of frequently asked questions to further the understanding of the countless benefits.

How do trees help our air?
Trees help our air in countless ways, for instance, trees help by providing cleaner,healthier and more breathable air.

What advantage do trees serve in parking lots?
Though we may not know it, trees serve as natural coolers. They can greatly reduce heat consumption for lots and parked cars.

How can trees reduce the temperature?
First, trees can mitigate the impacts of urban heat islands, and second, shade homes and buildings making them cooler and more energy efficient.

Can trees help the atmosphere?
Sure they can…they help to lessen exposure to damaging solar radiation.

Can trees provide peace of mind?
Trees provide restorative experiences that can ease mental fatigue and stress. They can also shorten hospital stays and reduce the need for medication.

Is it true that trees have an affect on the market value of real estate property?
Yes, trees can increase the value of real estate property. Also they can work to provide neighborhoods with a sense of place.

How can trees work toward social change?
Having trees around can not only reduce domestic violence and crime because of its acting symbol of life, however, it can improve a child’s performance in school.

How can trees help profit margins?
Simply put, trees attract more shoppers and can bring more money to a district over all. They can attract new business, homeowners and tourism.