Urban Releaf’s outreach efforts concentrate on engaging civic organizations, schools, businesses and community members in our programmatic activities. We feel community participation on the grassroots level is crucial not only for environmental health, but also to create a sense of positive self-identity in inner city areas.


In the past we have organized events for Odwalla, Girl Scouts (above), Americorps, local congregations, and student groups. Organized group events provide professional arboriculturist knowledge so that you can rest assured that every tree provided is well selected, well planted, and maintained by Urban Releaf, locally. Hosted group events also receive hands-on education on the benefits of trees and planting techniques. If you are interested in having Urban Releaf host a volunteer workday for you and your colleagues, please contact us at or just click below


At Urban Releaf, we are out there in the field every day, diligently looking for new sites to plant trees. Through the years, we have found that get it comes to getting our hands dirty to develop a cleaner and more beautiful environment, it’s always the more the merrier – and the greener! – we become. We know that not everybody can help us host a group event, which is why in addition to hosting organized groups, we also welcome anyone to join us at one of our many schedule tree planting events.