As a community-based organization, we know that creating informed, active leaders in our neighborhoods is paramount. That’s why our Urban Forest Mentors, Staff, and Interns are cultivating leadership, skills, and talents as general specialists in urban forestry, engaging and training youth and adults alike in issues ranging from civic engagement to environmental justice.


UFEST focuses on civic-oriented character development and environmental stewardship training of local youth through project-based experiential education. UFEST is designed to cultivate leadership, skills and talents of students and staff as general specialists in urban forestry and arboriculture for the Oakland community. Youth are involved in planning and coordinating forest stewardship projects (i.e. tree planting, long term care, maintenance, and monitoring) in public spaces throughout the city. UFEST works closely with schools to incorporate 12 modules consisting of lectures and hands-on activities related to urban forestry into the curriculum.


In additional to training staff members, UFEST aims to increase general awareness and knowledge of ecological, environmental and human benefits of trees in our urban community. Interns with the UFEST program provide seminars and workshops to primary and secondary schools, community based organizations, environmental justice groups, public health organizations and an array of other civic groups. We aim to engage residents to actively participate in environmental stewardship and take pride in the care and wellbeing of their community.